India-Bangladesh Foundation

Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of an India-Bangladesh Foundation  was signed between the External Affairs Minister of India and the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh on 16th February, 2013. The foundation works towards enhancing linkages between the two countries through economic, scientific, educational, technical and cultural cooperation and the promotion of greater understanding between the peoples of the two countries.
The Foundation supports and sponsors the activities in the following area:

  •  Higher studies, research and other educational activities and in-service training for citizens of India and Bangladesh at institutions of learning located in each other's country;
  •  Visits and exchanges between scholars, academics, professionals artists and experts  in various fields including Education and Culture, Archeological Studies, Agricultural Research, Science and Technology, Health, Technical Training, Development Studies and  Women's Studies;
  •  Seminars, symposia, colloquia and workshops on subjects of common interest;
  •  Publication of standard works on India-Bangladesh relations;
  •  Translation of standard works of literature of Bangladesh into Indian languages and vice-versa and arranging for their publication.

The Foundation's activities is primarily financed through revenues from a Trust Fund to be set up through grants made available by the two Governments and administered by a Board of Directors with the High Commissioners of India and Bangladesh functioning as co-Chairpersons of the Board

First Board meeting of India-Bangladesh Foundation was held on Dec 21, 2013, in Dhaka. The Board adopted the  Bye-Laws  of the Foundation in the first Meeting. Subsequently, the second and third Board Meetings were held in New Delhi (Sep 21, 2014) and Dhaka (Dec 07, 2015), respectively. 

India-Bangladesh Foundation, Dhaka invites project proposals from interested individuals and organizations focused on, but not necessarily limited to the areas listed above in the prescribed Application Form .

Filled up application forms may be sent electronically/by post to:

Mr. Animesh Choudhury
First Secretary (Political & Information)
India-Bangladesh Foundation, Dhaka Secretariat
C/o: High Commission of India 
Plot No. 1-3, Park Road, Baridhara, Dhaka 1212
Telephone +880-2-55067322

The list of activities/projects supported/funded by the Foundation may be seen here.