Registration as OCI Cardholders কনসুলার সেবাসমূহ

ওসিআই কার্ডধারী হিসেবে নিবন্ধন

Registration as OCI Cardholders 

All persons having valid PIO cards are advised to apply for conversion of their PIO cards into OCI cards and for that, they will have to upload the following documents only with application: 

a) Copy of the valid passport.

b) Copy of the PIO card. 

2. The applicant can submit the application online from anywhere. The grant of OCI card in lieu of the PIO card will be on a gratis basis and no fees shall be payable by the applicant. 

3. No extra scrutiny or documentation is required for the same. 

4. All PIO card holders are informed that these cards need to be converted in to OCI cards as per GoI decision.